Buyer Information

Bidder Registration

In Person Bidding

Proceed to the office and present your driver’s license for a buyer’s number. New buyers’ numbers are given each sale day. Permanent Buyers numbers are available upon request for frequent visitors. You must have a buyer’s number to make purchases.

Internet Bidding and Proxy bidding

Create an account at

Review our Internet Bidding Application Approval Process

Please review all Terms and Conditions before buying at our sale.


Payment in full must be made to the cashier immediately after the sale in US Currency by Cash, Credit Card, Cashiers Check or Money Order. 4% buyer’s premium is applied to all credit card transactions. All sales are “as is” and final unless stated otherwise. Returned payments are subject to a $35 office fee.

Buyers Fees

4% Buyers Premium is waived with Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order payment.

Health papers and any other documentation for transport are the responsibility of the buyer.

Cattle vaccinations, banding, etc. are available, please see the office for details on sale day.

Transport/Boarding of Animals

Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer. Local and Interstate transport information board is in the rear hallway, beside the office for exchange of available hauler information. All transportation arrangements are made at the buyers’ risk and responsibility.

Care of, Pick-Up and Transport

Buyer assumes full ownership and responsibility of the animal from the time it is sold in the sale ring. It is the new owner’s responsibility and sole risk from the time of purchase for proper feed, care, and maintenance. Buyers will be responsible for pick-up of purchased animals following the sale or a $10/day per head feed charge will be assessed after noon on Sunday. Do not take sale numbers off the animals, as they will be needed for checkout. The buyer and sale attendees further agree to hold the consignor and Sugarcreek Stockyards, LLC., harmless from all loss, cost and expense arising from illness, injury or death of such animal, or loss or damage to property, and injury or death of persons, caused by themselves, their agents, or employees, or by the animal, after the time of purchase.

Loading Out

Buyers must have a loadout report from the office for all load outs.

Private Sales

No private sales with consignors either prior to the sale or after the auction. All animals brought to the sale must go through the auction ring. Any horses “no sold” in the ring but sold outside are expected to report it to the office. We will leave it up to the integrity of the buyer and seller to make sure this happens so the buyer and the seller will be welcome back to the sale.